Sparrow ML 


Sparrow ML is a unique airplane designed for pilots who love flying and want to enjoy each part of the flight to the maximum.

At the design phase, the engineers mainly took care of the safety and comfort of the pilot, and so a unique twin tail boom airplane with a pusher propeller was born. This decision created a "safety frame" around the spinning propeller when moving on the ground, which no other aircraft offers you, so you can be calm and fully concentrate on further action when moving the aircraft on the ground. Another unique and brilliant solution was the design of the car-like doors. The large doors can be opened, up to 90 °, allowing all generations of people to board the airplane and last, but not least, people with disabilities.



Pilot position in front of the wing brings excellent view.


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The feeling of comfort and the desire to fly can only be achieved by simply getting into the airplane. Its doors will amaze you with its size, and after their closing, you will feel the enthusiasm of a spacious cab, which will allow a highly comfortable flight of almost all sizes of both the pilot and the passenger. 

Even before the flight, the pilot will appreciate the unbeatable visibility that allows him to conveniently check the functionality of all controls. The great and easy handling of the airplane, at both high and low speeds, gives the pilot a sense of security and allows him to experience the unique view of the cabin, which no other aircraft offers.

As your safety and satisfaction are the most important to us, Sparrow is equipped with the most reliable 80Hp and  100 Hp ROTAX engines.

The main undercarriage is equipped with oil dampers, which are set to the mode of smoothing the landing and taxiing without unnecessary hard shocks, especially at airports that do not have a completely flat surface. Because we know that every landing is not at the threshold of the track, we have fitted the wheels of the main chassis with hydraulic disc brakes, which allow you to stop on very short distances.

The unique flying features of every pilot's enthusiasm right after the start. The ideal range of control stick allows slow, easy-to-read controls to beginner pilots, but can also be a delight to passionate pilots with quick transitions from one flight mode to another.  When approaching speed to fall, the airplane will clearly warn you of strong vibrations that will cause airflow separation around the middle of the wing, and thanks to the perfect functionality of the wings at low speeds, it will give you plenty of time to get the right response. An important part is a sophisticated steering system that allows you to feel the speed of the flight through the power to the steering lever, which increases with the speed of the flight, but they still remains sensationally enjoyable.

Instrument panel can be fully customized to your requirements. The dashboard is designed for mounting both classic mechanical devices and state-of-the-art glass cockpit.

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The dashboard position allows convenient control of all devices and switches. Unrivalled cabin space provides the pilot with free movement when working with a map, writing notes or other important activity that is essential to flying.

We take very seriously the safety of the crew and for this reason our aircraft is equipped with a proven ballistic rescue system. In case of emergency, it will safely transport you to the ground.

The airplane has modern light carbon fiber construction and conventional controls with control stick and pedals and electric flaps and trim control. Sparrow ML can have full dual controls or only pilot control on front seat.



Metric units  Imperial units

Wing span

9,1 m

30,18 ft 

Wing area

11,6 m2

124,8 sqft

Aircraft length

7 m

22,69 ft

Aircraft height

1,71 m

5,61 ft

Empty weight (base configuration)

272 kg

600 lb

Maximum take-off weight

472,5 kg UL / 600kg LSA

1042  lb UL /  1323 lb LSA

Useful load

178 kg UL / 328 kg LSA

386 lb UL / 722 lb LSA

Fuel tank capacity

60 l

15,8 gal 

Min. weight of the crew

75 kg

165 lb

Max. weight of the baggage

8 kg

17,6 lb


Stall speed flaps down

57 km/h

30,8 knot

Stall speed flaps up

60 km/h

32,4 knot 

Manoeuvring speed

160 km/h

86,5 knot

Maximum landing configuration speed

115 km/h

62,1 knot

Maximum cruise speed

210 km/h 113,5 knot

Never exceeded speed

234 km/h

126,5 knot

ROTAX 912 UL 80 HP 80 HP
ROTAX 912 ULS 100 HP 100 HP



Sparrow ML was designed, calculated and tested to fulfill all requirements of Ultralight and LSA standards.

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